Impressive Young Professionals: Yes, They Do Exist

Praxis participants, alumni, and staff create a ton of content. Especially when there’s a 12 Days of Christmas Blog Challenge going down.

With so much great content being shipped out rapidly I figured I’d share some posts here so you can get to know our impressive participants better.

There are a few things you’ll quickly notice about Praxians. They have awesome stories about being disciplined and keeping commitments early in life, they’re incredibly intellectually curious, and they value being able to learn things on their own. Not a bad recipe for success if you’re a young professional.

James Biller broke down the proper way to look at Jungian Personality Theory.

Jerrod Harlan shared good sales insights from the T.V. show, Psych, and explained how he improved his response rate from his customers.

Lolita Allgyer gave us some tips on increasing confidence through non-verbal communication.

Sarah Iddings summed up her 13 years working at her local library (she started at age 11!!) and wrote a cool post on what she’s doing instead of going to college.

Elizabeth Beeli wrote a kick-ass beginner’s guide to building social capital.

Zachary Martin explained why he started his own marketing agency and gave a brief rundown of the new tax plan

Mia Mason shared what life skills she’s learned from moving 17 times in 17 years.

Caitlyn Scheel discussed insights she gained from a very tough family situation and why she left a traditional school environment during 8th grade.

Aquinnah Bree reviewed Tim Grahl’s Your First 1,000 Copies.

Benjamin Fickel has been blogging about sales on the daily, including the eight things every customer wants.

Byron Chiado wrote about Thomas Jefferson and the Barbary Coast War.

Drake Powell gave you a quick glimpse into his day-to-day schedule before starting Praxis.

Olivia Donaldson shared the top nine things she learned from living on her own for the first time and what makes a good email list (recs included).

James Walpole broke down a business model for a unique twist on a popular dating app.

Madison Kanna wrote a cool post about one strategy she uses to teach herself Python.

And last but not least, Cassius Carvalho sums up his apprenticeship experience with Metadata.