Customers and Friends

I’m testing out a new personal rule. Treat customers as friends and friends as customers.

Customers as friends

It’s easy to get caught up in frustrating interactions or slip into a more cold and calculated approach to providing value in exchange for more revenue.

I provide the best customer service when I’m genuinely excited and energetic to go above and beyond to make something great happen for a customer (or potential customer). Just as I’m more than happy to go out of my way to help out a friend when they’re in a time of need, put in the effort to be enjoyable company, or provide some guidance and advice when asked.

A little warmth, excitement, and understanding go a long way. Just remember, it doesn’t work well if it’s not genuine.

Friends as customers

It’s easy to fall into the entitlement trap with particular friendships. Maybe it’s a childhood friend who you fail to keep up with now that you live in different parts of the country or someone who you’re used to spending a lot of time with that has started to prioritize other things.

Quality relationships require substantial effort if you plan on cultivating them long term. Just as you do with customers, you’re exchanging value for value and you need to win them over and over again.