Brain Dump of the NBA Season So Far

I had an exciting finish to the work week, so I decided to chill out and watch a few NBA games tonight. My Spurs lost. Kawhi is just coming back from injury for his 2nd game of the season. Yes, I will blame his injury and not the fact that the Rockets are clearly the 2nd best team in the West right now on the loss.

Anyway, while watching the games, I went back through the Voxer thread a few friends and I keep throughout the season to remind myself what have been our favorite highlights and narratives from the first 3 months of the season.

Here’s a brief recap of where things stand in the league team-wise.

  • The Warriors are off to a slow start as in they aren’t dominating teams like they did in the last third of last season plus the entire playoffs. They’re clearly bored out of their minds and their coach admits as much. A different player gets ejected from a game each week, even Shaun Livingston. Curry is out with a sprained ankle for a couple weeks (really just getting some mid-season rest). He’s been playing phenomenal so far, even without his deep ball being consistent yet. They’ll start playing for real in March, but they better watch out for the Rockets.
  • The Rockets are tearing teams up right now. Harden has been playing like a guy who knows he should have won the MVP last year and Chris Paul is back from injury. Integrating Paul back into the team has been seamless. Who knew it would be so easy to play with one of the top 5 point guards of all time? Hmm…
  • The Spurs are being very Spurs-y. Pop gonna Pop.
  • T’Wolves seem to actually be playing to their talent level which is very high. We’ll see it if it’s for real come playoffs. I’m not sold. Something about Wiggins and Towns just rubs me the wrong way. Wiggins is a freak athlete, but still hasn’t learned how to play D. Towns is a skilled big man putting up loft numbers, which has led to over-excitement before. Looking at you, Bosh and Love. I’d be very surprised if this team gets out of the first round this year.
  • The rest of the West is boring from a standings perspective. The Thunder are underperforming, but it won’t last. Fingers crossed the Pelicans keep pace for the playoffs. We all need Boogie Cousins on as much national TV as possible. Lakers suck. Lonzo sucks. At least he has stopped putting up 0-fers…I think.
  • The Celtics got off to a very strong start. Their D is amazing. They’re really starting to fill their roster out with a bunch of althetic wings that can switch on 4 positions. Plus, somehow Brad Stevens has Kyrie playing decent D to go along with his dirty offensive game. They’re probably a year away from competing for the Finals. I think they could surprise the Cavs this year though. Here’s hoping for Kyrie magic.
  • Philly is back! Kinda. #TrusttheProcess. Embiid and Simmons are must watch TV. And by must watch TV I mean must watch highlights and follow Embiid’s Instagram and Twitter activity. They’re so entertaining.
  • Apparently, the Knicks are 2 games over .500. I don’t believe it. Not possible.

OK, outside of team play this has been an extremely entertaining season so far.

You have Embiid and Simmons in Philly. Two of the most fun players to watch bringing joy to a joyless city.

Boogie Cousins got shut down by Z-Bo the other night and has put up insane numbers all year. Please let this man into the playoffs!

Lonzo Ball has been pretty disappointing so far. He’s put up a couple 0-fers and just looks so passive. It’s still hard to get a good read on him, but I don’t like the attitude. He needs a little more Lavar in him for sure.

Harden is determined to win the MVP he deserves. Once he does, he’ll let Chris Paul worry about actually winning a couple play series.

Kyrie has been the highlight so far. Everybody gave him shit for leaving Cleveland and he’s putting up a big middle finger to the haters. I love it. He has played inspired ball so far and is always good for a dirty highlight or two each week. To think that media outlets had him outside the top 10 guys in the league at any point in the past 2 years is a joke.