How I’m Approaching the Holidays

I’m a man of habit and I love working. Taking me out of my normal routine will result in increased irritability. This is why I have mixed feelings about holidays. I love most things about Christmas, but there are some additional obligations I could do without.

This year, more than any before, I’m decided to go all in though. My body and mind just need a little rest after a year of some healthy challenges.

I’m going to be focused on spending as much time with family and friends between Christmas and New Year’s and only take care of the essentials professionally. To strike the right balance I’ve picked three things to keep the Type A side of me satisfied. A few anchors to push me through the finish line of 2017.

  1. Inbox zero – Unread emails will never cease to drive me crazy. I’m leaving my phone out of reach most of the day, but I’ll make sure to check it each evening to clear out the inbox.
  2. Same workout schedule – I’m a month into a new workout schedule and I want to keep the momentum going. Taking a break this early into the new routine would definitely feel like a loss. Keeping the holiday snacking to a minimum as well.
  3. Reading an hour per day – I need a daily accomplishment to feel productive and I’ve not read as much as I usually do this year. Will be nice to maintain something consistent during the holidays and start building back up a habit I want to prioritize in the new year.

All other bets are off.