Cameron Sorsby is the COO of Praxis, a startup apprenticeship program that connects talented young professionals with high-growth startups and helps them build their ideal foundation for a great professional life. If you’re looking to apprentice at a startup or hire an apprentice for your startup, check it out.

Cameron was raised in New Jersey by a pair of southerners. This is why he does not have a distinguishable accent. The Yankee environment and Rebel blood canceled each other out. Some might say he’s brought balance to The Force.

Growing up, he was obsessed with two things. Winning and ice cream. He loved anything competitive and anything you could put sprinkles on. He channeled his competitiveness into playing soccer where he captained his Professional Development Academy (PDA) team for six years and won regionals in 2004. They were consistently ranked in the top 15 teams nationally. Cameron is not known for hanging on to his athletic glory days. Not at all.

Apart from soccer, he spent most of his time getting into fights with his older brother while playing basketball in the driveway, avoiding pointless school work, and paying way too much attention to politics. Lesson learned.

Eventually, his non-conformist streak, disillusionment with education + typical career paths, and his natural competitiveness led him to working on Praxis since 2014.

When he’s not working on Praxis, he’s enjoying the beautiful city of Charleston, SC. You’re likely to find him on the golf course, checking out the latest new food and drink spots downtown, or enjoying an NBA or NFL game with a few close friends.